A New Beginning

Source: Forbes.com

Welcome to WordPress.
I have decided to move my blog over to WordPress as it allows more functionality. Therefore, allowing me to improve the content that I post.
The old blog will remain where it is, with a link to it posted somewhere on this site and in this post.
Please follow the link to be directed to the old blog: https://network-wizard.webnode.com/

As stated in previous posts on my old blog. I’m going to be studying for the CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ exams this year. They are going to be scheduled for later this year, and I’m going to be posting my progress as I go.
I’m integrating 100 days of Coding into the mix, with me still aiming to start the challenge in the Spring.

That is all for now. This was just a brief overview, so that I could see what a published blog would look like on WordPress.

Published by Daniel Wray

IT Support Engineer; Studying for CompTIA Network+. 100 Days of Python Challenge. Aspiring blogger. Passion for Learning and Teaching! https://ko-fi.com/danielwray4

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