A Year of Change

Seeing as how this will be my first official posting on this page. I’m going to proclaim the year 2020 as the year of Computer System’s Change!
Not very catchy, I know. However, as we all know January 14th saw the end of Windows 7 support. Anybody who is still using Windows 7 has probably noticed the popup that informs the Operating System is no longer supported, and that you would be wise to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately. Either on your current system or whether you go and purchase a new one.
I would like to point out, that upgrading to Windows 10 isn’t the only option. There are other options available, please follow the link to find out what other options are available: https://network-wizard.webnode.com/l/windows-7-support/

If you are using Exchange 2010 and/or Server 2008, I should point out that support for those features also ended on January 14th. This makes them less secure and they won’t receive any future updates.

However, the fun doesn’t end there. As the year progresses, certain Applications and Features are going to be fazed out.

As of January 31st, the Cortana Application is going to be removed from iOS and Android Devices. It appears that Microsoft couldn’t get enough people to use this Application. With other ‘Voice Assistants’ available, it was just never a popular Application and never felt like a necessary or helpful addition. It will still be available on Desktop machines, if anybody out there uses it.

Along with other Microsoft feature cutbacks, Microsoft Office 2010 also makes this list. Support for this feature will end on October 13th 2020. Whilst it has been suppported by Microsoft for a decade now, in that time, has seen so many different versions of Office that its time support for this came to an end. There are versions 2013, 2016 and 2019. Along with numerous Office 365 packages that offer a multitude of different Applications for everyday needs. Alternatively, there are free and open-source versions available, such as; Libre Office. Libre Office could be beneficial if you choose to upgrade to something other than Windows 10.

For the best part of two decades, Adobe Flash Player has reigned over the internet for Videos and other multimedia. However, as of December 31st 2020. The support for this Software will be coming to an end, in favour of HTML5. This was chosen as it safer and more secure. All major Web Browsers now block Adobe Flash by default, meaning you have to unblock it within the browser settings before you can use it.
When support ends for Adobe Flash, you won’t need to do anything at all. Its only content creators that need to ensure they are not using this format by the year end.

Published by Daniel Wray

IT Support Engineer; Studying for CompTIA Network+. 100 Days of Python Challenge. Aspiring blogger. Passion for Learning and Teaching! https://ko-fi.com/danielwray4

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