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I started working on a Python Project earlier this week. However, it currently isn’t finished yet. The project consists of the ‘Snake’ game which used to be available on Mobile Phones in the early 2000’s. The majority of the code for the program is written. However, I’ve run into some issues when attempting to get the code to execute.
This week I have successfully developed a ‘Loading screen’. When executed in Command Line it creates a step-by-step status bar. At some point within the next few weeks I’m going to try and write the code, so that it executes as a Graphical User Interface. It is my hopes that the code will execute all on the same line before asking for a Username. Upon entering a Username, the loading screen should disappear and continue on to whichever game the loading screen is attached too.
The images below show what is displayed when the loading screen is executed in Command Line. I’ll add the code to the bottom of the page, so that if anybody wants to use it or expand upon it, then they can do.

Source: @networkingwizard
Source: @networkingwizard

Alongside this, I have decided to stick with the basics and continue following the Python for Networking Course. In addition to this, I have been using the ‘Py’ Application on my iPhone for some ‘on the go’ learning. This is helping me put in more learning time.

As of the moment, I have studied different kinds of Strings and have now moved onto Math Operators and what their function is in Python. It is my hopes to progress further through this course and have it completed by the end of February. This should be possible if I work on this for one hour, every other day. ten hours left, which gives me a couple of days room to complete this.
The next few sections on the course include; Lists, Sets and Tuples.

Once I finish this course, I’m hoping to try and complete some basic projects by incorporating all of the aspects learnt, in hopes of becoming more familiar with what each function does.

Source: @networkingwizard

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