Getting Started with Python on Windows

Getting started with Python in Windows

To install Python – Head to a Web Browser (Edge, Chrome or Firefox) and type

Click on ‘Download Python 3.9.1’. This version could be different, it all depends upon when you’re reading this.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of Python.

When it has finished installing, open a Command Prompt and type ‘Python’. Using this Command will start Python running in the Command Prompt and also let you know which version is currently installed.

As you can see from the screenshot below. Version 3.9.1 is installed, and now we are ready to create our first program.

Show Version of Python using the Python Command

I’m going to demonstrate the printing of string of text. This can display anything you want it to. Traditionally, when learning a new programming language, the first program is called ‘Hello World’, because the output of the program is ‘Hello World’. However, in the below screenshot I’ll get it to print ‘Coding is fun!’

When you have finished coding this way, or you need to use the Command Prompt for something else. This mode can be exited using Ctrl + C followed by Ctrl + Z.

Creating the first program

Alternatively, you can create your programs using Notepad. This will require you to save the filename with .py on the end. This is so that your computer knows it a Python file. For example;

Creating a program in Notepad

If you have created the program using Notepad. Open the Command Prompt and browse to where the file is located. Mine was saved in the Downloads folder for ease. To get here I used the Command ‘cd Downloads’. (cd = Change Directory)

Once there, type in the Command ‘py’

Please note, ProgramName refers to whatever the program was named.

Showing the Output in Command Prompt


If you have made it this far, you have just successfully installed Python on Windows and developed your first program.

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