Network+ Exam

Network+ Exam

Hi everybody, bad news!
Yesterday, I failed my Network+ Exam by only scoring 622 points overall. In retrospect, it doesn’t feel like I failed by a whole lot.

The exam is scored on a scale of 100 – 900 points, with the passing mark being 720. The Network+ exam can consist of up to 90 questions, lasts for ninety minutes and is a mixture of practical scenarios and multiple choice questions.

I don’t have the exam booked yet for the second attempt. However, I’m going to study all the weak sections that I had, and hopefully, the second time around will get me the passing score.
The paper I received after completing the exam specifies the weak areas as Wireless and Authentication, so those are the areas I’m going to predominantly focus on.

Hopefully, next time I write a post like this will be a success post!
Good Luck to everybody else who is studying to sit an exam.

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