Terminal Commands in Ubuntu Linux

The Linux Terminal is a very powerful application and can be used to achieve just about anything.I am going to run through some of the basic commands that you need to know, to get setup using Linux and on your way to becoming a command line master.An important point to mention before we go anyContinue reading “Terminal Commands in Ubuntu Linux”

Adjust Screen Resolution for an Ubuntu Hyper-V Virtual Machine

For a while I’ve been using Ubuntu 20.10 as a machine that I setup to run in Hyper-V. However, the default screen resolution of a virtual machine package is 1024×768.Whilst this is all well and good for short term use, it can become quite tiresome and cause considerable eye strain with long-term use. Good News!Continue reading “Adjust Screen Resolution for an Ubuntu Hyper-V Virtual Machine”

Using Lists in Python

Why use lists in Python?Lists are used in Python to assign multiple values to a single variable. Lists are one of four arrays that exist in Python, the other three are called ‘Sets’, ‘Tuples’ and ‘Dictionaries’. Lists are identified by their square brackets. The reason to use Lists is that they are mutable. This meansContinue reading “Using Lists in Python”

Which IDE/Text Editor for Python Development?

There are a number of great options available when it comes to programming anything in Python, or indeed any programming language.If you are using a Windows machine for Python, you will no doubt have Idle installed as this is bundled in with the installer.Idle offers many great features, in that it has a ‘code asContinue reading “Which IDE/Text Editor for Python Development?”

Creating a Random Character Generator using Python

Following on from the creation of Rock, Paper, Scissors last week where we used the random module to create random plays by the computer. Today, we are going to use random again to create a randomly generated string of text, much like those of random password generators that are used by Password Management Systems.When theContinue reading “Creating a Random Character Generator using Python”


I have been playing around with if and elif statements and created this BMI Calculator.There are a few different elements that needed implementing to get this to work properly. Firstly, the program needs variables creating that will take input from the person using the program. I have used a mixture of integers and floats. However,Continue reading “BMI_Calculator.py”

Creating ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ using Python

In order to create ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ we’re going to need to make use of the loop functions that are available in Python. Firstly, we are going to need to call upon the ‘random’ module which will allow us access to the ‘randint’ method. I will explain why this is important, a bit later. OnceContinue reading “Creating ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ using Python”