Common Coding Errors

There are some steps that you can taken to aid in the learning of a new programming language. These are some of the things I’ve come across whilst attempting to learn Python Programming. When initally learning to code, it is better to learn in small stages.As tempting as it can be to rush through videoContinue reading “Common Coding Errors”

Python: Pong Game

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been attempting to prepare myself to complete the 100 Days of Coding challenge which I will commit to later this year.I feel it is important for me to learn the basics before undertaking the challenge. Not only will this help with having some understanding, it will reduce my frustrationContinue reading “Python: Pong Game”

Router Security

People are always buying new Devices that come onto the market, and everyday they add security to those devices in the form of Passwords and Two Factor Authentication.However, there is one Device on a lot of Networks that always gets overlooked. That Device is the Home Router. This could also be true of small/large businessesContinue reading “Router Security”

A Year of Change

Seeing as how this will be my first official posting on this page. I’m going to proclaim the year 2020 as the year of Computer System’s Change!Not very catchy, I know. However, as we all know January 14th saw the end of Windows 7 support. Anybody who is still using Windows 7 has probably noticedContinue reading “A Year of Change”